Lines of Business


At Active Re, P&E types of businesses has grown exponentially during 2020 and continue to do so in 2021 and 2022 due to the incorporation of an additional underwriting team for facultative business outside Latin America and to the conclusion of important cooperation agreements with some intermediaries in the MENA region.


Since 2018, Active Re has been writing Energy business, initially with a Latin American focus. With the excellent results produced in this region, we have opened our horizon to focus on Global Upstream and Downstream Energy business through various strategic partnerships thus further expanding our product offering in addition to diversifying and growing a profitable portfolio.

Surety & Bonds

Active Re has started to develop, together with its facultative surety reinsurance operation and with a capacity backed by Lloyd’s, a Surety contract business in Europe. The objective is to further develop this line with the addition of new European and Asian markets.


At Active Re, the credit business started moderate and selective; the focus is on markets where there are opportunities with an excellent track record. Thus, in the last year, we have materialized several contractual participations that have allowed us to increase our presence in European and Asian markets.

Affinity & Bancassurance

Affinity was the origin of Active Re’s reinsurance activity and remains a very important part of its business and a solid contributor to its net income. Active Re participates in some relevant Affinity programmes in Central America that continue to produce significant premiums.

Group Life

At Active Re, the Group Life and Personal Accident business is an important part of our DNA, and in the last few years several facultative and contractual businesses have been concluded around the world, supporting our clients and brokers.

Alternative Risk Transfer (ART)

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